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Pouchitis in chronic ulcerative colitis

Pouchitis in chronic ulcerative colitis

Q Pouchitis in Chronic Ulcerative Colitis ,true  is

a) Seen in Females

b) Smoking association 

C) A/w Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

d) P-ANCA positivity

Answer (Q8 in AIIMS 2017 questions page) 

Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury

Q) Out of the following which will require Spinal immobilization most?
a. 22 yr Female had a high-speed motor vehicle collision who complains of backpain and no
b.16 yr male jumped from 6ft landed on both foot denies back pain and weakness
C. Gunshot injury
D. Abdominal injury

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Spinal cord injuries are a common cause of morbidity and expenditure. Mortality is associated with cervical injuries but not lower spinal cord injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause and gunshot injuries the least common for spinal cord injuries.

Mechanism of injury 

  1. Blunt trauma - Direct impingement, Ischemia, compression or bleeding 
  2. Penetrating - Laceration of spinal cord

Chance fracture - is a type of spinal cord fracture in which there is transverse fracture of all vertebral elements


1 Complete immobilisation

2. Management of associated neurogenic shock ( due to loss of sympathetic tone) with vasopressors  and fluids

Sabiston page 420


Pudendal nerve terminal latency

Pudendal nerve terminal latency

Q .PNTL prolonged in all the following except

a) Traumatic injury to anal sphincter

b) Prolonged labor

c) Long standing Rectal prolapse

d) Straining

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The nerve latency is measured by an electrode which is worn on the finger. It stimulates the pudendal nerve and calculates the conduction time to the anal sphincter

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