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Welcome to our website of surgery Multiple Choice questions (MCQ).This web site is for surgical students  to help them prepare for various enterance examinations.

Answers and explanations are provided after a set of 5 questions and we have used  Standard text books for refrences.
AIIMS Biochemistry
30) In PCR following cation is used
1) Ca
2) Mg
3) Li
4) Na

31) Proteins with same structure and different sequence evolved through process that was
1) Convergent
2) Divergent
3) Opportunistic
4) Incidental

32) Vitamin K is important in
1) Carboxylation
2) Hydroxylation

33) Peroxidase used in estimation of
1) Hemoglobin
2) Glucose
3) Ammonia

34) PAS is used for staining
1) Fungal cell wall
2) Basement membrane
3) Glycogen
4) Lipids

35) Method of Hb estimation are A/E
1) Drabkin’s method
2) Sahl’s method
3) Spectrophotometry
4) Wintrobe’s method

36) FNAC needle gauge size:
1) 26-28
2) 22-26
3) 18-22
4) 16-18

37) Reye’s syndrome, histological findings are:
1) Mitochondrial blebs and enlarged mitochondria
2) Dilatation of endoplasmic reticulum
3) Depletion of glycogen
4) Perinuclear staining

38 Classification of bone tumours
1) Manchester
2) TNM
3) Enneking

39) Acridine dye is used to stain
2) Protein
3) Lipid
4) Carbohydrate

40) Stains for lipid are A/E:
1) Oil red O
2) Congo red
3) Sudan III
4) Sudan black

41) Collapsing glomerulopathy following is seen:
1) Proliferation of parietal cells
2) Tuft necrosis

42) In MVP valve degeneration is
1) Myxomatous degeneration
2) Hyaline degeneration

43) Senile cardiac amylodosis A/E:
1) Transthyretin
2) Beta2 microglobulin
3) ANP
4) Pyerdin

44) Shock lung histopathological finding is
1) Diffuse alveolar necrosis
2) Pulmonary edema
3) Interstitial pneumonia

45) Irreversible injury
1) Amorphous densities in mitochondria

46) Langerhans cell marker is
1) CD 57
2) CD 1a
3) CD 3
4) CD 68

47) Lysosomal disorders are caused by
1) Membrane defect in lysosomes
2) Inability of lysosome to combine with phagosome

48 Caspases are mediators of
1) Apoptosis
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