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Complications of Meckel’s diverticulum

Complications of Meckel’s diverticulum

Q. Least common complication of Meckel's diverticulum (NEET 2018) 

a) Bleeding

b) Obstruction

c) Neoplasm

d) Obstruction

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7) c Neoplasm

The most common clinical presentation of Meckel’s diverticulum is gastrointestinal bleeding, which occurs in 25% to 50% of patients who present with complications

intestinal obstruction occur as a result of a volvulus of the small bowel around a diverticulum associated with a fibrotic band attached to the abdominal wall, intussusception, or, rarely, incarceration of the diverticulum in an inguinal hernia (Littre hernia)

Diverticulitis accounts for 10% to 20% of symptomatic presentations.

Neoplasms can also occur in a Meckel’s diverticulum, with NET as the most common malignant neoplasm (77%). Other histologic types include adenocarcinoma (11%), which generally originates from the gastric mucosa, and GIST (10%) and lymphoma (1%).

Sabiston -1285

Amoebic liver abscess

Amoebic liver abscess

Q)  Treatment of choice in amoebic liver abscess 4 cm in Right lobe of liver with fever and pain abdomen

a) Metronidazole

b) Aspiration

c) Pig tail insertion

d) Surgery


Question discusses 

INdications of aspiration 

Indications of Percutaneous drainage

Role of Surgery 

Cystic tumors of pancreas- Site and age

Cystic tumors of pancreas- Site and age

Q. Large cystic  mass in the body and tail of pancreas in a young female, What is it

a) Serous cystic neoplasm

b) Mucinous cystic neoplasm

c) IPMN, Intraductal pancreas mucinous tumor

d) SPEN - Solid pseudopapillary Epithelial Neoplasm of pancreas


Malignant chest wall tumors

Malignant chest wall tumors

Q  Most common malignant chest wall tumor
A. Chondrosarcoma
B. Osteosarcoma
C. Synovial sarcoma
D. Rhabdomyosarcoma

Answer to Q 46

Most common tumors of the chest wall are secondaries from elsewhere. The most common malignant tumor of chest wall is .......

Ref Sabiston page 1602




Q) What is the cause of priapism in a patient with trauma

a) Penile rupture

b) Dorsal vein of penis thrombosis

c) Spinal cord injury

d) Sickle cell anemia


Most common cause of priapism is sickle cell anemia, but in the setting of trauma....

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Clinical Marker of Myocardial Ischemia

Clinical Marker of Myocardial Ischemia

Q) Which of the following is a clinical marker of myocardial ischemia

a) Troponin I 

b) LDH

c) Alkaline phosphatase



Myocardial ischemia (MI) is an adverse risk factor precluding any major surgery. MI  can be STEMI (ST segment elevated  MI) or NSTEMI ( Non ST segment elevated MI) .................

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