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Pediatric liver transplant

Pediatric liver transplant

Q  ) Most common indication for Pediatric liver transplant (DNB SS) 
A. Biliary atresia
B. Metabolic diseases
C. Alagille syndrome

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Biliay atresia

MOst common cause or liver transplant in children. Presents as persistent jaundice after birth. Etiology is not clear

Findings include absent extrahepatic ducts and gallbladder. Biopsy is diagnostic

Banff Score

Banff Score

Q) Banff Scoring system is for

a) Acute pyelonephritis

b) Chronic glomerulonephritis

c) Acute Rejection

d) Chronic renal graft rejection

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Discuss what is banff score

What is the need of banff score

What are the components

What is the significance

Living Donor liver transplant

Living Donor liver transplant

Q) Living donor liver transplant (LDLT) is done in centers where cadaveric donations are few. Which of the following is true about it?

a) Only right lobe of the donor can be used

b) Only left lobe can be used

c) In LDLT bile leak is more than cadaveric donor

d) Small for size liver is defined as liver size less than 0.5% of recipient BSA


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