Retroperitoneal Sarcoma

Q) Which of the following about retroperitoneal sarcoma is true?

a) Angiosarcoma is the most common retroperitoneal sarcoma

b) Most common presentation is pain abdomen

c) Lymph node resection should be done even if no lymph nodes are seen on imaging (CT and MRI)

d) Radiation causes retroperitoneal sarcoma at an average of 10 years after exposure

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Retroperitoneal Sarcoma on CT

 d) Radiation is a known risk factor which causes this condition mostly 10 years after exposure.

Other pre disposing conditions include 

  1. Von Recklinghausen's disease
  2. Li- Fraumeni's disease
  3. Hereditary Retinoblastomas

Most common retroperitoneal sarcomas are liposarcoma and leiomyosarcoma. 
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Gastrectomy Margins

Provided a negative-margin resection can be obtained with a subtotal gastrectomy, and provided it is not a linitis plastica situation (ie, diffuse infiltrating poorly differentiated cancer eliciting a leather-bottle stomach), routine total gastrectomy is to be avoided. The 2010 Japanese treatment guidelines, and the 2011 English version, call for a proximal margin of 3 cm from gross disease for localized well-circumscribed Borrmann I or II tumors, and a margin of at least 5 cm for other tumors. Total gastrectomy is performed whenever necessary to meet these requirements. Total gastrectomy should also be performed for cases of linitis plastica.


Amoebic Liver abscess

Q) True about presentation of amoebic liver abscess?

a) 60-70% patients with amoebic liver abscess have diarrhoea

b) Jaundice is seen in 50% of these patients

c) Rupture of liver abscess in the peritoneum is seen in 10% cases

d) More complications of amoebic liver abscess occurs in acute presentation

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Carcinoid Appendix

 A 40 year old male is  undergoing appendicectomy for acute appendictis.  During surgery a 3 cm mass is found in the body of appendix. Frozen section of the mass reveals carcinoid tumor. Which of the following is true

a) Appendicectomy should be completed followed by radiotherapy to the bed

b) Right hemicolectomy should be done

c) There is 50% chance of developing carcinoid syndrome in this case

d)  Carcinoid syndrome occurs only if there is liver metastasis

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Dumping Syndrome

Q) Which of the following is true about dumping syndrome

a) Somatostatin analogues are effective in controlling symptoms

b) Symptoms always include flushing and tachycardia 

c) Diarrhea is always part of dumping syndrome

d) Part of treatment includes combining solids with liquids in frequent small meals

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