Q1. Most common site of Colo Rectal cancer is
a) Hepatic Flexure                                          b) Sigmoid colon
c) Anal canal                                                   d) Rectum
Q2 Contraindication  to anterior resection of rectum  is
a) Age more than 60                                        b) poorly differentiated carcinoma
c) Sigmoid lymph nodes                                   d) single hepatic metastasis
1) d
Rectal Cancer is a common malignany of the lower GI tract and rectal pain is relatively a late feature. Rectum is the most common site of malignany in all colo rectal tumors. Other sites in order of decreasing frequency are
Rectum -38%,  Sigmoid colon 21%   Hepatic flexure of colon - 2%, Caecum 12%, Anal Canal 2%
2 b
APR (Abdomino perineal resection)  is done if carcinoma Rectum or Anal Canal  is poorly differentiated, sphincters cannot be preserved or there is no continence