DNB SS 2018 – General Surgery

Types of question  DNB SS 2018 CET 

Q1. ) What are natural killer cells?

a) Multinuclear monocytes

b) Special macrophages

c) Antibody presenting cells

d) Large granular lymphocytes?

Q2) What is the ideal suture is to wound length ratio for appropriate wound closure?

a) 4:1

b) 3:1

c) 2:1

d) 1:1

Q3. What should be the ratio of length : breadth in an elliptical incision

a) 1:1

b) 2:1

c) 3:1

d) 4:1

Q4 ) Blade used for arteriotomy?

a) No. 11

b) No. 22

c) No. 10

d) No. 23

Q5.  Vascular anastomosis, preferable suture material
A. Non-absorbable, elastic
B. Non-absorbable, non-elastic
C. Absorbable, elastic
D. Absorbable, non-elastic


  1. d

Large granular lymphocytes

Natural killer cells are a part of lymphocytes called "null cells"  These are large granular lymphocytes and the 1st line of defence against viruses and bacteria

They belong to null cells as they do not rely on specific match or memory.

They control both tumor and microbial spread in the body. 

Unlike T cells ( which mature in thymus), natural killer cells develop in bone marrow. They identify the viruses and other harmful cells by lack of major histocompatibility complexes (MHC)

Antigen presenting cells are B cells

T cells are direct cyto toxic cells


Ref: https://study.com/academy/lesson/natural-killer-cells-definition-functions-quiz.html

        Sabiston 20th page 601

2. a

 For abdominal wall closure, the length of the suture material should be at least four times the
length of the wound to be closed to minimise the risk of abdominal dehiscence or later incisional hernia

Transverse incisions are better than vertical incisions

Ref: Bailey 26th page 34

3. c

Elliptical incisions are most commonly used for melanomas, cosmetic and pre cancerous lesions.

They should be placed parallel to the langer's lines.

For an elliptical wound to close without tension the length is to breadth ratio should be 3:1

Ref Bailey 26th page 33

4. a

No. 11

22 is used for abdominal incisions

11 for arteriotomy

15 for minor surgical procedures

Ref Bailey 26th page 33

5, b 

For Vascular anastomoses- Non elastic Non absorbable suture is preferred

Bile duct - absorbable that has no tissue reaction

Bailey 26th page 5




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