NEET DNB 91-100

Q91) Newest treatment for anal incontinence?
a. Sacral nerve stimulation
b. Artificial sphincter.
c. Repair of sphincter
d. Gluteus maximus graft

Q 92) Which of the following is  tumoricidal?
a. 1 percent cetrimide.
b. Phenol.
c. FormAldehyde.
d. Saline



Sacral nerve stimulation is the newest modality in treatment for anal incontinence. In it electrodes are placed via the sacral foramina. The nerve supply of anal sphincter is similar to lower extremity so their stimulation can lead to contraction of various foot muscles.

Others are all older methods

Shackelford page 1779

92) a

Cetrimide 1% is mix of ammonium salts that have anti cancer activity. It inhibits H+ ATP synthatase inhibiting proliferation.

After rectal tumor resection, lumen is irrigated with 1% cetrimide

Saline/Hypertonic saline has no anticancer activity

Other two are tumoigenic


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