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Q11. A 44 year old lady, a knowm case of psoriasis on Vitamin D and Beclomethasone presents to you with acute pain in right flank of 6 hours duration.

The pain was sudden severe and radiating to the loins. Her Pulse is 80/min and BP is 126/76. She is afebrile with soft abdomen and some flank tenderness.

USG reveals a right renal calculus of .5 cm with no hydronephrosi. There are associated gall stones with non distended gall bladder and normal CBD. What will be the management of gall stones in her?

a) Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

b) Open cholecystectomy

c) UDCA - Urso deoxy cholic acid

d) No treatment at this time


11) d

This patient had symptoms of renal pain and during evaluation for that was found to have gall stones. These are asymptomatic gall stones and require no further management. In 15 years only 20% patients with asymptomatic gall stones will require treatment.

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