General Surgery 1-3

General Surgery Questions asked in NEET exams 2017

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Q1) What is false regarding a keloid?

a) Keloids contain type IV collagen on HPE
b) They extend beyond the boundaries of the incision

c) Keloids are common on the trunk and face

d) Most of them are refractory to medical and surgical treatment

Q2. True statement about pre operative skin preparation

a) Hair removal should be done with razors

b) Pre operative shaving should be done 1 hour prior to surgery

c) One application of alcoholic antiseptic is adequate 

d) Use of incision drapes has reduced Surgical site infection rates drastically

Q3, Not a facial node

a) Submental

b) Submandibular

c) Buccinator

d) Infra orbital

Q4 ) Which is the strongest layer of the intestine?

a) Mucosa

b) Submucosa

c) Muscularis propria

d) Muscularis mucosa

Answer 1)a

Characterstics of keloids

  1. Extend beyond the boundaries of scar
  2. They do not regress with time and are refractory to treatment
  3. Common in dark colored people and occur above the clavicle, upper trunk and face
  4. Hereditary
  5. Keloids can not be prevented
  6. They contain disorganised Type I and Type III collagen

Ref Sabiston 20th page 142

2 c

Prevention of SSI is key to successful surgery.

One application of alcoholic antiseptic reduces bacterial count by 95% and is enough. Adequate time should be given to it to dry.

Shaving should be done just before the surgery

Razors should not be used for hair removal. Clippers should be used.

Ref: Bailey Page 62


Submucosa is the strongest and most important layer for intestinal anastomosis. It has fibroblasts that will ultimately release collagen and hold the anastomosis together. This layer should be fully incorporated in the anastomosis.

Inverted Vs everted anastomosis of intestine debate has been log going on but now many prefer inverted because mucosa is exposed to mucosa and eventually degrades joining the two submuoca together to cause healing by primary intention.

REF Schakelford: page 923


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