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traction diverticulum esophagus

Esophagus - Free page

Esophagus 1 - Questions on GERD, carcinoma esophagus

Esophagus 2 - Achalasia and motor abnormalities 

Esophagus 3 - Injuries and Caustic burns

GIST - Gastrointestinal Stromal tumors

Hiatus hernia

Stomach & Duodenum 

GIST tumor
Questions on Stomach

Stomach Q1-5 (free) 

Stomach 2                                   BARIATRIC SURGERY QUESTIONS

Stomach 3                                    Types of Bariatric Surgery (Premium)

Stomach 4                                             Weight loss options

Questions on  Peptic Ulcer                   Surgery of  Duodenum  

Steps of gastrectomy                                                   GI bleed


                                                         Small Intestine

Operative Steps
Questions in Small Intestine

Jejunum 1 - Lymphoma, Ileostomy, Total Parenteral nutrition (free)

Jejunum 2 - NOMI, Short bowel syndrome, Volvulus

Jejunum 3 - Cholestasis, Carcinoid


Large Intestine

Colon Q 1-10 (free)

Colon Questions 11-20                                           Ulcerative colitis


Anal Canal

Laparoscopy in colon cancer


GI bleedLiver Secondaries,  Cryoablation                                              Hydatid disease

Hepatocellular carcinoma                                                          Radiofrequency embolisation

Questions on Liver Anatomy 

Liver Physiology

Questions on Portal hypertension

 Bile ducts

Anatomic Variations in Bile ductsQuestions on Bile ducts                                      MCQ on gall bladder

Cholangiocarcinoma                                           Cholangiocarcinoma

CBD exploration

Intra Op cholangiogram


Questions on Pancreas
Pancreas MCQ

Questions on Pancreas                                 Whipple Operation steps

Pancreatic Carcinoma                                     Spleen (Free for 1 week)

Pancreatitis                                                       Appendix

Pancreatic trauma



Cardiac Surgery

Questions 1-7                             Questions 8-10                                  Questions 11-15                       Q 16-18

Plastic Surgery

Questions 1-5 (free)            Questions 6-10           Questions 11-14                 Burns


Other Topics

Breast MCQ                                          Breast Surgery Q8-10

Thyroid Surgery 


General Surgery

Other exams

Surgery Question bankUSMLE Q 1-5 (free)            USMLE Q6-10 (free)               USMLE Q11-