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 NEET SS  (2018)

Misc mixed questions (1-5)  Q6-10

 NEET SS type (2017)

General Surgery           Questions 6-10           Questions 11-15            Questions 16-20        Questions 21-25

Questions 26-30   Questions 31-35 (Chest)   Questions 36-40  (Liver Transplant)   Questions 41-45

Questions 46-50  Questions 51-55  Questions 56-60  Questions 61-66   Questions 67-70

Questions 71-75  Questions 76-80  Questions 81-90 (Urology)

Questions 91-100 (General and Thoracic) Questions 101-110

DNB CET SS 2017-18

DNB General Surgery 1-10         Q11-16          Q17-20            21-30 Neurosurgery (in progress)           31-40       41-50

51-60 (GI)   61-70    71-80


2017 questions (74)           2018 (40 questions)



traction-diverticulum Sitemap

Esophagus - Free page                     Esophagus Anatomy questions                2012 Exam questions

Esophagus 1

Esophagus 2 - Achalasia

Esophagus 3 - Injuries and Caustic burns

GIST - Gastrointestinal Stromal tumors

Hiatus hernia          Questions 21-25        Quesions 26-35 (In progress)

Stomach & Duodenum 

Stomach Q1-5 (free)      Stomach 2      Stomach 3         Stomach 4      Stomach Q 26-30   Peptic Ulcer    BARIATRIC SURGERY

 Types of Bariatric Surgery   Weight loss options    Surgery of  Duodenum       GI bleed

AIIMS Stomach Physiology


                           Small Intestine

operative-steps-300x168 Sitemap
Questions in Small Intestine

Jejunum 1 -(free)

Jejunum 2 - NOMI, Short bowel syndrome, Volvulus

Jejunum 3 - Cholestasis, Carcinoid

Jejunum 4 

Questions 26-30


Large Intestine

Colon Q 1-10 (free)               Colon Questions  21-30 (in progress)        Ulcerative colitis

Colon Questions 11-20


Anal Canal

Laparoscopy in colon cancer


GI-bleed-1-150x150 SitemapLiver Secondaries    Hydatid disease

Hepatocellular carcinoma        Radiofrequency embolisation

Questions on Liver Anatomy       Questions on Portal hypertension

Liver Physiology     Liver Transplant

Bile ducts

anatomic-variations-of-bile-ducts-150x150 SitemapQuestions on Bile ducts                             MCQ on gall bladder

Cholangiocarcinoma                                 Cholangiocarcinoma

CBD exploration

Intra Op cholangiogram



pancreas-150x150 Sitemap
Pancreas MCQ

Questions on Pancreas(1-5)                            Pancreas q 21-25                Whipple Operation

Pancreatic Carcinoma                                     Spleen

Pancreatitis                                                       Appendix

Pancreatic trauma                                           Pancreas Q 26-30 (Work in progress) 



Cardiac Surgery

NEET Questions in CTVS   Questions 1-7     Questions 8-12        Questions 13-18   Questions 19-23

Questions 24- 30     Questions 31-40

Plastic Surgery

Questions 1-5 (free)            Questions 6-10           Questions 11-14                 Burns (6 questions)


Neuro Surgery 

Neuro 1-4           NEET NS         DNB 2018 Head and Neck            MRCS Neurosurgery (In progress)


Other Topics

operative-steps-150x150 Sitemap   Breast MCQ          Breast Surgery Q8-10                       Thyroid Surgery 

   Burns               Breast Q11-15 (DNB 2018) 



Other exams

slider2-150x144 SitemapUSMLE Q 1-5 (free)     USMLE Q6-10 (free)        USMLE Q11-15


MRCS     MRCS Q6-10   MRCS Q11-15  MRCS Q16-20 (work on)



AIIMS 2012 Gall bladder         AIIMS 2012 Esophagus

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