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Fibrolamellar carcinoma of the liver

Fibrolamellar carcinoma of the liver

Q) Fibrolamellar Carcinoma of the liver 

a) Occurs in the setting of cirrhosis

b) Has worse survival than Hepatocellular carcinoma

c) Can be followed up for long time

d) Seen in young females


Hydatid Cyst

Hydatid Cyst

Q) All are true about hydatid cyst except?

a) Liver is the commonest site followed by lung

b) Most commonly presents as painless abdominal mass

c) Anaphylaxis can occur if there is spillage during surgery

d) Dog is the definitive host

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Hemangioma Liver

Hemangioma Liver

Q) True about management of hemangioma liver

a) All hemangioma more than 10 cm should be resected

b) OCPs and pregnancy should be avoided in young females as there is risk of rupture

c) Arterial embolization should be routinely done in large hemangiomas

d) If surgery is decided  hemangioma located at the periphery should be enucleated

Answer d

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HCC Cancer

HCC Cancer

Q) Which of the following is true about screening in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC Cancer) 

a) Alpha feto protein should be done 6 monthly

b) Ultrasound abdomen should be done 6 monthly

c) Candidates for liver transplant should be screened every 3 months

d) Nodules more than 2 cm should be followed up  more regularly

Answer b

In a cirrhotic liver, hcc cancer  can develop any time and a stringent screening protocols  have  to be followed for early detection and timely treatment. Earlier ultrasound of liver and alpha feto protein were both used as tumor markers. However in 2009 Marrero et al demonstrated the suboptimal accuracy of AFP and after that it has been removed from the screening protocol and now only ultrasound is being done.

The screening recommendation is not for those patients with severe

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