Association of carcinoma pancreas

Q) Least common association of Carcinoma Pancreas is with 

a) Smoking

b) Male gender

c) Obesity

d) Lynch Syndrome


Gastric lymphoma

Q ) Treatment of Primary Gastric Lymphoma is 

a) Surgery

b) chemotherapy

c) Radiotherapy

d) Both chemo and radiotherapy


Unknown primary neck

Q) Submandibular node without any apparent primary, next step should be

a) Tripple endoscopy

b) PET CT Head, Neck and thorax

c) Laryngoscopy

d) Chest X ray


Q) Not an indiction of haemorrhoidectomy 

a) Persistent Second degree haemorrhoid 5 days after sclerotherapy

b) 3rd degree haemorrhoid

c) Fibrosed  haemorrhoid

d)  interno-external haemorrhoids when the external haemorrhoid is well defined.

Ans a

haemorrhoids can persist for 10 days after sclerotherapy

The indications for haemorrhoidectomy include:

● third- and fourth-degree haemorrhoids;

● second-degree haemorrhoids that have not been cured by non-operative treatments;

● fibrosed haemorrhoids;

● interno-external haemorrhoids when the external haemorrhoid is well defined.

Four degrees of haemorrhoids ●●

First degree – bleed only, no prolapse ●●

Second degree – prolapse but reduce spontaneously ●●

Third degree – prolapse and have to be manually reduced ●●

Fourth degree – permanently prolapsed

BAiley page 1357




Q) True about OPSI

a) OPSI is over estimated and not seen 2 years after splenectomy

b) Focus of infection is always in the lung or abdomen

c)  Despite antibiotics and intensive care, the mortality rate is between 50% and 70% for full blown OPSI

d) H. influenza is the most common organism

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Stomach Physiology

Q) Regarding the microscopic anatomy of stomach, false statement is ?

a) Parietal cells are abundant in the body of stomach and secrete H+

b) Chief cells produce pepsinogen I and II

c) G cells are abundant in gastric antrum

d) ECL cells are abundant in antrum 

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Intussusception in childhood

Q) Most common intussusception in children is

a) Ileocolic

b) Ileoileal

c) Ileoileocolic

d) Colocolic

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Q) Best statistical method to prognosticate 5 year survival in cancer
B. Kaplan Meir
C. Log regression 
D. Cox analysis

Ans d) Cox (According to me, not sure), read on for explanation

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Intra op cholangio

Q) All of the following are indications for performing intra op cholangiography except:

A. Pain around the day of surgery
B. Anomalous biliary anatomy
C. Suspicious findings on ERCP
D. Abnormal hepatic function panel

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