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Post op pulmonary complications

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Q) What does not decrease post op pulmonary complications? ( Questions on Gen Surgery Peri op care)  

a) Smoking cessation

b) Epidural Anesthesia

c) Nasogastric tube

d) Preop and post op Spirometry

Ans c) Routine Naso gastric tube placement

Postoperative pulmonary complications occur in approximately 6% of patients after major abdominal operations and

It includes pneumonia/infection, respiratory failure requiring prolonged ventilation, exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lobar/parenchymal collapse with or without associated effusion.

More recently, standard patient care protocols (e.g., iCough) have been developed to decrease the risk of pulmonary complications, which include incentive spirometry, coughing and deep breathing, oral care
(brushing teeth and using mouthwash), elevating the head of bed,
and getting out of bed three times a day.

Multimodal pain control
and judicious use of regional analgesia (e.g., thoracic epidurals) may
also help to prevent pulmonary complications in surgical patients.

Ref Sabiston 21 page 247

Short Term Nutrition

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Q  Best indicator to assess short term nutritional status is 

a) Albumin

b) Pre albumin

c) Transferrin

d) Any can be used

HIPEC in colorectal cancer

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Q) Agent NOT used in HIPEC in CRC
a) Mitomycin

b) cisplatin

c) oxaliplatin

d) Paclitaxel


Surgery for Gastric volvulus

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Q)   Which is not an operative approach in  in gastric volvulus? ( Click for  more Questions on Stomach) 

a) Tanner

b) Opolzsr

c) Grey Ghimmenton

d) Gavrilu

Ans  d ) Gavrilu

Gavrilu is  trans-abdominal myotomy and antireflux procedure using a flap of greater curvature of stomach to be sutured over esophageal mucosa through a left subcostal incision

Division of gastro colic ligament and gastropexy is tanner

Splitting the meso colon and doing a gastropexy is grey ghimelton

Fundo antral gastrogastrostomy - opolzsr

Ovarian Cancer risk factors

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Q  ) Not protective in ovarian cancer? (# Gynae onco) 

a) Nulliparity

b) 5 yrs of OCP use

c) Breastfeeding

d) Tubal ligation

Ans10 a ) Nulliparity

Risk factors are

a) Increased age (peak age is 70 years),

b) Nulliparity

c) Early menarche, late menopause, delayed childbearing, and

Protective are

Both tubal ligation and salpingectomy have demonstrated a protective effect against the development of epithelial ovarian cancer, as
has the use of oral contraceptives for more than 5 years.

Ref Anderson page 862


Pancreas Adeno carcinoma risk factors

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Q) Wrongly matched Pancreatic Duct Adeno Carcinoma  risk factors :

1) Hereditary pancreatitis - PRSS1


3) PJS - STK 11

4) Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer - BRCA 2