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Bile leak after lap Cholecystectomy

Q) 60 year old female undergoes lap cholecystectomy and is discharged She comes back 8 days later with pain abdomen, distension, fever and tachycardia. USG shows a 500 ml collection in Morrisons Pouch. Next step?

a) Conservative, I V antibiotics

b) USG guided drainage

c) LAP exploration and ligation of cystic duct stump

d) CECT followed by open exploration


# Questions on BIliary system

# Free Questions on Bile ducts

Pyoderma Gangrenosum

Q) Which of the following systemic disease is not associated with Pyoderma Gangrenosum ?

a) Rheumatoid arthritis

b) Inflammatory bowel disease

c) Non Hodgkin disease

d) Sjogern syndrome

Pancreas transplant

Q) Most common indication for pancreas transplant

a) Type II DM 

b) Type II DM with nephropathy

c) Type I DM

d) Type I DM with nephropathy

Ans d 

SPK is the most frequently performed procedure for patients with type 1 diabetes and renal failure due to diabetic nephropathy.

There is a small population of patients with type 1 diabetes with renal failure due to primary renal disease or non-diabetic causes and they are also included in this group.
Bailey 28th page 1623

Medullary thyroid cancer – Management

Q) Male patient with 1 cm nodule in Right side of Thyroid. Biopsy shows medullary carcinoma. No neck nodes are seen on USG. What is the management

a) Total thyroidectomy

b) Total thyroidectomy with central node dissection

c) Total thyroidectomy with lateral and central neck dissection

d) Right hemithyroidectomy

Thyroid MCQs 


Ans b 

For patients with disease confned to the thyroid, total thyroidectomy is recommended to remove all C cells with elective dissection of the central neck nodes. If there is evidence of nodal metastases, gross
disease should be remove

Bailey 28th page 831


Carcinoma Breast and Pregnancy

Q) 30 year old female in 2nd trimester of pregnancy has a 2 cm Ca breast with no axillary lymph node What should be the management?

a) Terminate Pregnancy and MRM

b) Wait till completion of pregnancy and MRM

c) Lumpectomy plus chemo

d) Lumpectomy + axillary dissection + chemo


Neet SS 22 paper

Ans d

Lumpectomy plus axillary dissection + chemo

Axillary dissection is ideally after SLNB

Radiotherapy can be given after termination of pregnancy

Hormonal therapy is also given after pregnancy if required

No need to terminate pregnancy

Bailey 28th page 942

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