Lauren classification CA Stomach

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Q  Ca stomach diffuse type : True option

1) Common in men
2) Associated with blood group O
3) Lymphatic spread common
4) APC gene mutation

Ileostomy vs IPAA in PSC

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Q)  All are true regarding ileostomy and IPAAA in PSC with UC except? ( # AIIMS GI, # colon

1) PSC UC end ileostomy have risk of peristomal varices

2) IPAA for UC nd PSC-UC have same long term results

3) IPAA for PSC-UC have high chronic pouchitis

Post gastrectomy syndrome

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Q)  False about post gastrectomy syndrome?
a) 30%incidence
b) Octreotide agonist prevent it's occurrence
c) Megaloblastic anemia due to partial gastrectomy
d) Calcium deficiency  in billroth 2

HPV and cancers

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Q) All are true about HPV induced cancers except

a) HPV 16 and 18 cause 70% of all cervical cancers

Crohn Disease Pathology

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Q) Which of the following is not characteristic of Crohn Disease  : * (From AIIMS 2020 November GI)  

a) Granular mucosa
b) Transmural involvement
c) Skip lesions
d) Giant cell granuloma

Ans a ) Granular Mucosa- This is a feature of ulcerative colitis ( Table 49-7 Sabiston 20) 

The typical gross appearance of ulcerative colitis is hyperemic mucosa. Friable and granular mucosa is common in more severe cases, and ulceration may not be readily evident. ( Saby 1340) 

IN Crohn disease - Microscopically, there are focal areas of chronic inflammation involving all layers of the intestinal wall with lymphoid
aggregates. Non-caseating giant cell granulomas are found in 60% of patients and when present clearly allow a confident diagnosis of CD.

( Bailey 1242) 


Types of Infections

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Q) Rate of infection in clean contaminated wound without antibody prophylaxis is
a) 3%
b) 8%
C) 12%
D) 15%

Ans b 8%

Ref Table 5.4 

Bailey page 53