10 Last Minute tips for NEET SS 24

Last minute MCH preparation tips

NEET SS 23 and Last minute revision

Surgery Superspeciality NEET ss  24 is around the corner. As the exam date is nearing, so is the anxiety. On my WhatsApp discussion groups, everybody is asking about last minute tips. You have been preparing well over the past 1 year and there is no need to stress out. Read on and do well....

  1. There will be questions from general Surgery. Important general surgery topics are


SIRS and Shock indices

Benign Breast Diseases

Breast flaps

Types of Shock

Classes of wounds and wound healing

Topics in Pediatric Surgery like all atresias, Pyloric stenosis



Endocrine , Thyroid , Pheochromocytoma

Basic urology - congenital

2. Do Image based questions especially ....

Head Injury

Liver Lesions ( Abscess, hemangioma, HCC)

Pancreas and Anal canal


Cystic Hygroma and images from Head and Neck

Types of abdominal retractors

www.mcqsurgery.com/mocktests There are two image based mock tests with explanations ( 30 marks each)

2 Image based  tests are free

Surgeon reading from app

3. Do as many MCQs as possible.

See old tests and papers. At least 25-30% questions are repeated. www.mcqsurgery.com/sitemap has some important recall papers

4. Avoid answering doubtful questions.

Even if you narrow down to two choices, leave the questions. Get minimum negative marking. Most of the times we take a chance with two choices. Most of the our attempts are wrong so avoid that

5. Do not stress out.

It is only one exam. Next one is just six months away. Let this exam be a launching pad for you

6. Do not get confused in long clinical questions.

Look at the important clinical findings provided. Just make a diagnosis, they will ask for next management option or treatment.

7. From Main books, try to revise tables and figures especially the ones that have 4-5 options ( these form good mcqs)

8. Be aware of noble laureates in medicine. A simple google search will help.

9. Discuss and repeat -

Only peer discussions will help you retain whatever you read. Save at least one hour to discuss with your colleagues

10. Revise your notes.

Last 15 days is a good time to see what all you have covered in 1 year

Use the comments box to let me know if you can think of anything else to be included

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  1. Thank you sir, Very well explained. These will help us to be prepared for exam.

  2. Thank you so much sir 🙏
    Much needed tips for preparation in last crucial days.
    So greatful sir

  3. Thank you sir for your valuable points.
    There is no substitute for hardwork, consistently studying and solving MCQs will fetch good marks and rank. All the best to everyone.

  4. Few points to be added.
    > 1st think for common situation only. (In case scenario based question)
    > Image based – Do rectal cancer MRI.
    > for gastro people – one day prior, should be revise TNM stage.

  5. Thank you very much sir… Perfectly laid out the essential points for the last minute preparation

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