13 Tips to Prepare for NEET SS 23 Surgery

Its only a few days left for NEET SS 23 and most aspirants are getting anxious, how to crack NEET SS 23 in the remaining time.

Here , I will be discussing about the last minute or last month tips based on topper interviews from 15 years to prepare and crack the NEET SS  exam


1. Select  important topics from Bailey and Sabiston

Open the content page of both the books and make a note of the important topics which are likely to come.

This time, mcqs from  peripheral subjects like CTVS, Neuro, Pediatric Surgery will be in numbers.

Give Special emphasis to these topics. They will be the game changer. CTVS will be  very important to crack NEET SS 

We have been covering these in our 2 weekly discussion schedule on Whatsapp and Mocktests.

2. From these topics, select important tables

Look at the tables with 4-5 lines. These are most likely to be sources of MCQs as it is easier for the examiner to frame the questions from here.

Every Chapter will have 4-5 important tables and these will form the core of questions framing

3. Choose Important figures from these chapters

Read and remember the statements given under the figures.

Similar to the tables these also form an important MCQs.

Sometimes direct figures from books or similar from internet are used for framing questions

4. In paragraphs of books , look for statements that can be used to frame questions

Like for example you are reading Pheochromocytoma from Bailey. You know it is a 10% tumor. Questions can be asked from that. Similarly Meckel's is a 2% disease. 

Read every line as if how you will prepare a question from it.

NEET SS Preparation

5. Prepare  MCQs chapter wise 

Look at the question papers from the previous years. Every chapter will have a maximum of 7-8 Questions

Chapter wise all questions are available on this link

Try and grasp the explanations. One explanation helps you prepare the question and topic in many ways.

6. Do Reverse MCQ Preparation

I have explained the concept here. Study MCQs  first and then do the theory part.

When one or two  months are left, and you are revising, this strategy works and helps you crack NEET SS 

7. Look at the past papers from previous 5 years

Expect 20-30% questions to be repeated overall.

This is not much but helps you understand the pattern of tests.

They not only help you practice and refine your technique but also helps you realize,

how questions are asked

8. Identify high weightage topics

 You will have an idea of these topics when you do questions from past papers. 

a Carcinoma Gall bladder

b) Keloid

c) Lymph node stations of stomach

d) Nigro regimen

Just a few examples of questions which are asked every year.

9. Notes Making

Use Bailey and Sabiston as a reference, For new pattern neet, Sabiston is more important. The ratio of Sabiston and Bailey will be 70:30 according to me 

10. How Many MCQs to be revised every day to crack NEET SS at this time

Ideal is 400-500 with concepts, minimum is 100-150 with theory. about 20-30% mcqs are repeated from the data base.  

11. Find an online Partner to study and revise

It might be too late for that as only a few months are left but its always good to have advise from seniors or colleagues who are also preparing for the same exam. WHatsapp groups of mcqsurgery.com have more than 200 members in both Gen Surgery groups and most of the times, people do help each other despite this being a competitive field

12. Use your mock tests score effectively

Mock tests score help you clearly understand your strong and weak points. Its also a clear measure how you react to difficult questions, how much time you spend on it and how you steer towards your goal.

Know your strong points and work on your weaker issues.

13. Remember, its only an exam, not a judgement

In the end, its just a passing phase of your carrier, you may or may not clear it. In no way its going to define you or your life . Give it your best shot/shots and move on.

 All the best

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