Roux en Y gastric bypass

Q) Which  of the following statement about Roux en Y gastric bypass is not true?

a) After weight loss it resolves symptoms of venous ulcers due to stasis

b) Symptoms of pseudo tumor cerebri are resolved

c) Heartburn is alleviated immediately

d) Protein malnutrition is a very common problem



d Protein malnutrition is common in Biliopancreatic division and duodenal switch.

Essential components of successful Roux en Y gastric bypass are 

  1. Small Gastric pouch (15-20ml) made from cardia of stomach
  2. Keep the length of roux limb at around 75 cm
  3. Division of gastric pouch from distal end of stomach

After RYGB 90% of patients immediately start to have relief from heartburn and other symptoms mentioned in the question

REF sabiston 20th edition page 1171


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