Complications of duodenal diverticulum

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Q) True statement regarding complications of duodenal diverticulum is

a) Perforation is the commonest complication

b) Obstruction is caused by extra luminal duodenal diverticulum

c) Bleeding is the most common complication of duodenal diverticulum.

d) Diverticulitis is common and easily diagnosed.



Complications of duodenal diverticulum are rare with a reported incidence of 5-10% in those with duodenal  diverticulum. Operative intervention is required in about 1% cases

Perforation is the rarest but the most severe complication of duodenum diverticulum. The most common cause of perforated duodenal diverticulum is diverticulitis. They perforate in the retroperitoneum, adding to diagnostic uncertainty. Ct Scans are most diagnostic to help in this diagnosis. (more…)

Bowel preparation before colon surgery

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Q) What is true about bowel preparation before colon surgery in an elective case?

a) Bowel preparation should be done in every case

b) Bowel preparation should be done in all emergency situations like perforation and obstruction to attempt primary repair.

c) Mechanical purging one day before surgery and at leat 3 days of administration of non absorbable oral antibiotic should be given in all patients before elective colon resection

d) Bowel preparation at most centers is based on surgeons's discretion but reports have not shown any proven benefits.

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GI Bleed

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Q )  A 59 year old male alcoholic male presents with history of upper GI bleed of 1 day duration. During the day he has had three episodes of bleeding each time about 150 ml. Blood is fresh and not associated with retching. He has a history of long standing alcohol intake. What will be the most likely cause of GI bleed

a) Mallory weiss tear

b) Esophageal varices

c) Gastric ulcer

d) Esophagitis

11 b

Long standing alcohol intake means some stigma of liver disease leading to chronic liver disease and consequently esophageal varices. 

Mallory Weiss tear occurs with retching and after episodes of binge drinking

Gastric and duodenal ulcers are related to alcohol but usually presents at 40 years 

Esophagitis will have associated symptoms of GERD and long standing history

Omental cyst

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Q) True statement about omental cyst is ?

a) It is always unilocular

b) Commonly seen in old age group

c) Arise from acquired or congenital obstruction of the lymphtaic channels

d) Complications are more common in old age.

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Duodenal obstruction

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Q) Duodenal obstruction is caused by all except (#duodenum)
a) Duodenal Diverticulum
b) Annular Pancreas
c) SMA syndrome
d) Malrotation of duodenum

EUS in pancreatic cancer

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Q) What is true about the role of EUS in Carcinoma head of pancreas.

a) It has a sensitivity of 50-60% in detecting lesions less than 3 cm in size

b) It has a  high negative predictive  value

c) Chronic pancreatitis can be easily differentiated from Carcinoma head of pancreas by EUS

d) Small caliber needles have low accuracy than high caliber needles in FNAC



Median arcuate syndrome

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Q) Median arcuate syndrome is due to compression of 

a) Coeliac artery

b) Superior mesenteric artery

c) Phrenic artery

d) Inferior mesenteric artery

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A) a

Median arcuate syndrome is also known as coeliac artery compression syndrome. Median arcuate

ligament connects the diaphragm with the spine. In some individuals this median arcuate compresses the coeliac artery and produes abdominal pain. (more…)

Altemeier procedure

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Q) True about altemeier procedure?

a) It is proctosigmoidectomy with posterior levataroplasty

b) Done in prone jack-knife position

c) Recurrence rate can be as high as 30%

d) Altemeier was the 1st person to do it

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Nutcracker esophagus

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Q) Which of the following is the least common symptom of nutcracker esophagus?

a) Pain in chest

b) Dysphagia

c) Odynophagia

d) Regurgitation