Rupture of Urinary Bladder

Q) Rupture of Urinary Bladder : False statement is 

a) Associated with perineal hematoma

b) Emergency laparotomy is required in most cases

c) Investigation of choice is IVP

d) Blunt urinary bladder trauma is associated with pelvic fractures

Answer c

Both b and c are wrong but the question was like this only.

Rupture of urinary bladder is mostly extraperitoneal (80%) but can also be intraperitoneal (20%). Intra peritoneal rupture is usually when injury occurs in a full distended bladder. Haematuria may or may not be present.

Perineal injuries may be seen in most cases

Associated uretheral injury may be common.

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Q) False about ameloblastoma SS

a) It is seen in children below 5 years

b) It is the most common odontogenic tumor

c) Mandible is the most common site 

d) It is highly malignant



It is the most common odontogenic tumor. It is locally invasive and can cause severe deformity. It is seen in middle age group and not children.

Mandible is the most common site of origin seen in 80% cases. It is not highly malignant but it remains locally aggressive with high rates of recurrence.

Given the choices above, a is the most probable one.