LE fort’s fracture

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Q) True about Le fort's fracture

a) Type I is pyramidal in shape

b) Type II involves the orbit and fractures the cribriform plate

c) Type III separates the facial alveolus from facial skeleton above it

d) CSF and dural leaks are more common in type II fractures

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Stemmer’s test

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Q) Stemmer Test is done in

a) Lymphedema

b) Deep Venous Thrombosis

c) Superficial Venous thrombosis

d) Factitious lymphedema


Retroperitonuem tumor

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Q) A 42 year old lady undergoes exploration for a retroperitoneum mass. In OT it is suspected that this is a liposarcoma. Which of the following is  not true about liposarcoma?

a) Liposarcoma is the most common variant of sarcomas

b) They have a  pseudocapsule

c) They can grow quite large before producing symptoms

d) They are locally invasive and do not metastatize

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Desmoid tumor

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Q) Not a true statement about desmoid tumors?

a) Common in young pregnant females

b) Radiotherapy is the only treatment

c) Histologically they comprise of plasma cells

d) Recurrence is a frequent problem

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Atrial Septal Defect

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 In exams like DNB SS questions on ASD and VSD are common. Most cardiac surgery questions are here

Q) Most common ASD is 

a) Ostium Primum

b) Ostium Secundum

C) Sinus Venosus

d) All are equal



Ostium Secundum


Common defects
Ostium secundum: fossa ovalis defect (approximately 70 per cent of ASDs)
Ostium primum: atrioventricular septal defect (approx imately 20 per cent of ASDs)
Sinus venosus defect: often associated with anomalous pulmonary venous drainage (approximately 10 per cent of ASDs)
Patent foramen ovale: common in isolation, usually no left-to-right shunt (not strictly an ASD)

Rarer defects
Inferior vena cava defects: a low sinus venosus defect and may allow shunting of blood into the left atrium
Coronary sinus septal defect: also known as unroofed coronary sinus with the left superior vena cava draining to the left atrium as part of a more complex lesion


Sign of 3

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Q) Sign of 3 in Xray with rib notching is seen in 

a) Coarctation of Aorta

b) Tetrology of Fallot

c) Total Anamolous Pulmonary venous System

d) Severe MS

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Immunosuppressants that have anticancer properties

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Q) Immunology suppressor which acts as an anti tumor agent as well

a) M-tor inhibitors

b) CD 52 monoclonal antibody

c) Calcineurin inhibitors

d) Ig receptor inhibitors

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Hydatid Cyst

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Q) All are true about hydatid cyst except?

a) Liver is the commonest site followed by lung

b) Most commonly presents as painless abdominal mass

c) Anaphylaxis can occur if there is spillage during surgery

d) Dog is the definitive host

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Racoon Eye

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Q) Racoon eye is seen in 

a) Head injury

b) Sub galeal haematoma

c) Sub conjunctival haemorrhage

d) Nasal bone fracture

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