CDH 1 mutation

Q ) Hereditary diffuse Gastric carcinoma is associated with which  breast cancer A. Ductal carcinoma NOS subtype B. Lobular carcinoma C. DCIS D. Metaplastic carcinoma Answer for Q 79 Majority of Gastric Cancers are sporadic, 1–3% of GCs arise as a

Selective Shunt

Q) A type of Selective shunt for portal hypertension is A. PSRS (Proximal spleno renal shunt)  B. Warren shunt C. SSPCS (Side to side portocaval shunt)  D. Mesocaval shunt Answer  Q 78 Surgical decompression can be achieved with total or partial portal


Q) Cholangiocarcinoma type IIIB bismuth Corlette bilirubin 10, left portal vein and hepatic artery involved. Best approach is A. Preoperative left biliary drainage followed by resection B. Preoperative right biliary drainage followed by resection C. Left portal vein embolisation followed

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