Anal canal lymphoma

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Q . Treatment of choice for anal canal high grade lymphoma on a young immunocompromised male?
A. Chemoradiation
C. Local excision followed by chemotherapy
D. Local excision



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Q ) Sipuleucel-T is a vaccine for
B. Testicular carcinoma
C. Prostate carcinoma
D. Bladder carcinoma

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Pancreatic protocol CT

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Q) All are true about pancreatic protocol CT except (AIIMS 2012) 

a) > 90% unresectable lesions picked up by CT

b) Dual phase CT with cuts taken at 40 secs and 70 secs

c) Liver metastasis detected in early arterial phase


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Pancreatic protocol CT involves  imaging  at  the  pancreatic  phase (i.e.,  approximately  45  seconds  after  contrast  administration)  and  at  the  portal  venous  phase  (i.e.,  approximately 70  seconds  after  contrast  administration). It is useful for detection of adenocarcinoma of pancreas. 

Metastatic lesions are seen in  the  portal  venous  phase,  because  the  lesions  are  not  typically  well  vascularized.

  Arterial  phase images  are  principally  used  to  distinguish  metastatic  disease from  benign  vascular  lesions,  such  as  hemangiomas,  or  to  better define  the  arterial  anatomy  of  the  liver.

Non contrast phase used for  (more…)

UTI Sample

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Q) Best specimen for culture in UTI
A. Midstream urine at anytime
B. Midstream urine at early morning
C. First voided sample
D. Any urine sample



In males- midstream urine sample 


Duodenal injury

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Q . Duodenal injury management false? (# Duodenum free page )

a) Circumferential skeletonization is required

b) All duodenal repairs require some form of drainage

c) All hematomas near the pancreas requires exploration to check for serosal integrity

d) Most common location is the second portion