Familial Adenomatous polyposis

Q. All are false about adenomatous polyposis syndrome except
A. 25% do not have family history
B. Attenuated FAP has less than 100 polyps and delayed onset (50-55 yrs)
C. More than 20 rectal polyps have to be operated as there is high risk of Carcinoma
D. Attenuated FAP don’t have extracolonic manifestations and carry APC mutation

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GIST stomach

Q) Antral GIST 1cm incidentally found on UGIE. True regarding its management
a) Surgical resection 
b) Endoscopic resection
c) Resection required if EUS suggests irregular border with cystic spaces
d) Endoscopic surveillance, if size >2cm then resect

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Q Not a true statement about Neuroblastoma 
A. Arises from adrenal cortex
B. Can cause paraplegia
C. May cause Hypertension
D. Secretes hormones

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