Roux en Y Gastric bypass

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Q 35) To prevent bile reflux gastritis in RYGB, false is

a) Jejunum divided at 45cm from the DJ

b) Roux loop length is 40 cm and above

c) Enteroenterostomy done at 45cm from the GJ

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Achalasia cardia with perforation

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Q) What is the management of achalasia cardia with perforation ?

a) Suture ligation of the perforation

b) Suture ligation with myotomy on opposite side with fundoplication

c) Suturing with fundoplication

d) esophagectomy



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Q1. Which of the following is not an indication for splenectomy in Non Hodgkin Lymphoma?
a)  Massive splenomegaly
b) Signs of hypersplenism
c) Diagnosing and staging of isolated splenic disease

d) All are indications for splenectomy

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