Blood transfusion

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Q ) In trauma what is the ratio of PRBC: FFP to be transfused?

a) 1:1

b) 1:2

c) 1:3

d) 1:4

Ans  a

When there is requirement of more than 6 units of PRBC, FFP and other blood products are required. Read on ....

Ref Sabiston 72

Benign polyps of esophagus

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Q ) False regarding Benign lesion of esophagus

a) Fibrovascular  polyps are seen in mid and lower two third

b) Leiomyoma  and Leiomyosarcoma have same distribution.

c)Leiomyoma enucleation is sufficient

d) Leiomyoma are the most common benign tumors of esophagus




PET scan in Ca esophagus

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Q1) False about role of PET scan in Ca esophagus

a) Upstages disease in 15% cases

b) Used to assess response to pre op chemo radiation

c) Used for selecting patients for surgery after neoadjuvant chemo Rt

d) Assessment of response is seen after 2 weeks of pre op chemo RT


Pouchitis after IPAA in ulcerative colitis

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Q) Which of the following is Not a risk factor for pouchitis post IPAA in ULcerative colitis

A) Smoking
B ) NSAIDs use post op
C) Elderly patients
D) UC with extra intestinal manifestation

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Pouchitis is the complication of Ileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis (IPAA) for Ulcerative colitis. The incidence of pochitis for the same proedure for familial Adenomatous polyposis is less than 10% but for ulcerative colitis can go as high as 50%.

Risk factors for development of pouchitis are

  1. Previous extra intestinal manifestations of IBD especially arthritis
  2. ANCA positive cases of UC
  3. NOD2insC  positive patients
  4. Smoking prevents the development of puchitis after IPAA in ulcerative colitis.

5. Other reported factors that may associate with pouchitis include extent of UC, thrombocytosis,and PPI use with  NSAId

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lymphatics of colon

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Q ) Which of the following group of lymph nodes do lymphatics of the colon first drain to?

a) Paracolic

b) Epicolic

c) Nodes along SMA/IMA

d) Para aortic

Ans ) b

Lymphatics first drain to epicolic group along the bowel wall

Then paracolic group along the marginal artery

Intermediate group along the named vessels SMA/IMA

Finally to par aortic 

Colon and upper 2/5 of rectum --- Para aortic

Lower 1/5 of rectum and anal canal - Superficial inguinal lymph nodes

Ref Sabiston-1317

Haemangioma of the liver

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Q) True about 5 cm haemangioma of the liver 

a) 50% of symptomatic haemangiomas of the liver will still have some other intra abdominal cause

b) They should be operated because of high risk of rupture

c) 2-5% of these can turn to be malignant

d) Radiation gives the best results

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Bilious vomiting child

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Q) Previous healthy infant presents at 6 weeks with bilious vomiting. What is the diagnosis?

a) Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

b) Intussusception

c) jejunal atresia

d) Midgut Volvulus

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Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

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Q) What is not a management option in Abdominal compartment syndrome

a) Drainage of Intra abdominal collections

b) Muscle relaxation

c) Mesh closure

d) High PEEP

Acute Mesenteric Ischemia

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Q ) Treatment of choice in Acute Mesenteric Ischemia

a) Anticoagulation

b) Iv fluids and antibiotics

c) Revascularisation and Resection

d) Angiographic infusion of papaverine