Internal Potassium balance

Q) If ph >7.4, How much does plasma potassium concentration change for every 0.1 unit increase of the extracellular pH ?

a) Potassium decrease by 0.3meq/l

b) K+ increase by 0.3 meq/l

c) Potassium decrease by 1.5 meq/l

d) K+increase by 1.5 meq/l

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Acid-base disturbances cause potassium to shift into and out of cells. This is called internal potassium balance and was discovered in 1956.

In alkalosis (increase in ph,) K+ falls and in Acidosis potassium concentration will increase. For every 0.1 fall in ph, K+ increases by 0.3-0.6 meql/l

Metabolic acidosis- in a plasma potassium concentration that is elevated in relation to total body stores. 



Intra Abdominal pressure

Q) Which of the following is not true about Intra abdominal pressure (IAP) 

a) Normal Intra abdominal pressure in most people is less than 5 mmHg

b) After non complicated surgery  IAP remains less than 5mm Hg

c) IAH (Intra abdominal hypertension) is IAP more than 12 mmHG

d) ACS is IAP more than 20 mm Hg

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