Diverticular disease of colon

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Q) False about diverticular disease of colon is 

a) 10-20% of all diverticular disease of colon develop symptoms. Rest remain asymptomatic

b) Low fiber diet is implicated in etiology

c) Sigmoidoscopy is useful tool for evaluation of diverticulitis

d) Elective colectomy in uncomplicated diverticulitis is rare and forms only 1% of cases with diverticular disease

Cancer lower rectum

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Q) False statement about management of cancer rectum

a) Relative to ERUS, pelvic MRI is more accurate in its ability to detect lymph node involvement 

b) Rectal cancers located in the upper third of the rectum are exempt from neoadjuvant treatment.

c)  TME is typically performed 2-3 weeks after completion of CRT before fibrosis develop

d) ERAS  include early mobilization, transition to oral pain control, and resumption of oral food intake