INactive hydatid cyst

Q According to WHO-IWGE ultrasonographic classification for Hydatid cyst, inactive cysts belong to which group
a) Group I
b)  Group 2
c) Group 3
d) Group 4

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Answer: C
Reference Bailey and love 27th edition page number 64

WHO Informal Working Group on Echinococcosis (WHO-IWGE) classification
Group 1: Active group – cysts larger than 2 cm and often fertile.
Group 2: Transition group – cysts starting to degenerate and entering a transitional stage because of host resistance or treatment, but may contain viable protoscolices.
Group 3: Inactive group – degenerated, partially or totally calcified cysts; unlikely to contain viable protoscolices.

ELAPE (Extra Levator Abdomino perineal Excision)

Q) What is not true about  extra levator Abdomino Perineal Resection (APE) (AIIMS 2019) 

a) Anal canal dissected from levator

b) Patient  in prone jack knife position

c) Specimen is resected en block with sacrum

d) Entire levator is resected along with mesorectum

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