Pseudocyst Pancreas

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Q) True about pseuodocyst of the pancreas is 

a) It is lined by epithelium and collagen

b) Spontaneous regression occurs in less than 50% of cysts

c) Symptoms occur in more than 50% of case

d) Transduodenal endoscopic drainage IS  safe and effective approaches for patients with pancreatic pseudocysts in close contact (defined as less than 2 cm) 

LES pressure

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Q) All are associated with increased LES  pressure except

a) Substance p
b) Gastrin
c) Secretin
d) Motilin

Metabolic Acidosis

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Q) Regarding Metabolic acidosis true statement is ?

a) Initial compensation is by kidneys

b) Best management is by bicarbonate infusion

c) Most common surgical cause of acidosis is hypovolemia

d) Resuscitation should be with nor adrenaline