Biliary Atresia

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Q1) Most common  congenital anomaly associated with biliary atresia?

a) Polysplenia
b) Teratology of falot
c) Malrotation

d) preduodenal portal vein


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Q) True about gastrinoma is 

a) At the time of diagnosis most are benign and only 20% are malignant

b) In Pancreas most tumors  are confined to the body and tail

c) All cases of gastrinoma should be screened for MEN 1

d) They are highly malignant and even after complete resection 5 year survival is 30%

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Prophylactic Thyroidectomy

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Q) Prophylactic thyroidectomy is done for 

a) Medullary Carcinoma thyroid

b) Anaplastic

c) Lymphoma

d) Papillary Ca thyroid

Intestinal TB

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Q) False about intestinal TB
1. Hyperplastic variety has colonic strictures
2. Raised markers,anaemia,positive sputum culture point towards diagnosis
3. BMFT shows pulled up cecum
4. IFN gamma assay


There are two types Of Intestinal TB

Ulcerative type - Transverse ulcers with undermined edges, Serosa of bowel is studded with tubercles. It is a severe form of disease

Hyperplastic - Hyperplasia and thickening of terminal ileum. Narrowing of lumen., Stricture and fibrosis occues of terminal ileum

There are raised inflamatory markers and anemia

Interferon gamma is for subclinical infection

BMFT shows subhepatic caecum

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