Superior Vena cava Syndrome

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Q) What is the definitive management option for the superior vena cava syndrome?

A)Bed rest and oxygen administration

B)Diuretic therapy

C)Prophylactic anticoagulant

D)Removal of the underlying  malignancy

Cytotoxic T cells

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Q) Cytotoxic T cells act against

A.membrane antigens

B.cytosolic antigens

c)Nuclear Antigens


Ans a


Management of Cholangiocarcinoma

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Q) False about management of cholangiocarcinoma?

a) Resection can be done in  absence of histological diagnosis
b) External  radiotherapy better than brachytherapy
c) Lobar hepatectomy can be done

d) None



Lymph nodes in neck

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Q) Most common site for lymph node spread is ? (head and neck Onco) 

a) Tongue

b) Lip

c) NAsopharynx

d) Glottis

Ans c

 Primary sites within the pharynx (i.e., nasopharynx, oropharynx, and hypopharynx) and supraglottic larynx  are particularly high risk.

The oral cavity has an intermediate risk,

whereas the glottic larynx, nasal cavity, and paranasal sinuses are low risk. Other predictors of risk of metastases are higher T stage and thickness (in case of oral cavity cancers).

Propofol In Surgery

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Q) False about the use of propofol as anesthetic drug in surgery

a) It is short acting and used in Iv sedation

b) It is a good analgesic and preferred in all surgeries

c) Propofol infusion syndrome is rare but fatal

d) Propofol is a bronchodilataor

Central Mesocolic excision

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Q) False about Complete Mesocolic Excision

A. Proposed by Hohenberger

B.Central venous ligation is done.

C. Nodal yield improves

D.Dissection is below fascia of toldt 

Genetics ca rectum

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Q) Good prognosis seen in – ca rectum.





Radio active Iodine in Thyroid Cancer

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Q) Which of the following is not true about Radioactive Iodine (RAI) use in thyroid cancer? (Thyroid onco) 

a) Screening with RAI  is less sensitive than Thyroglobulin estimation in most differentiated thyroid cancers for detecting metastasis

b) Metastatic differentiated thyroid carcinoma can be detected by  131I in about 50% of patients

c) Current guidelines s recommend RAI after total thyroidectomy only for patients with known distant metastases

d) Hurthle cell cancer des not take up RAI


MELD Scoring – Liver Transplant

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Q) True about MELD scoring except

a) MELD score less than 15 not included in list

b) Additional points given for renal failure

c) Predicts mortality for 3 months

d) HCC with cirrhosis exception points are given


Colon Diverticulitis

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Q) True about diverticulitis in colon

a) Right sided diverticulitis is associated with colovesical fistula

b) Complication rate of 2nd attack of diverticulitis is double

c) 50% of diverticulosis develop diverticulitis

d) Diverticulosis incidence increases with age

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