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Q) Not a cause of hypokalemia

a) RT aspiration

b) Metabolic acidosis

c) Insulin

d) Hyperaldosteronism

b - Metabolic acidosis


Poor prognosis in Colorectal cancer

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Q) Which of the  following is not a poor prognosis factor in  stage ii colon cancer

a) Lymphovascular invasion

b) Present with obstruction and perforation

c) Less than 12 lymph node extraction

d) Poor differentiation with chromosomal instability


Rectal Intussusception

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Q) Pick the true statement about rectal intussusception

a) It is a rare finding in defecography

b) When found, it is found to be a common cause of refractory constipation

c) Biofeedback therapy and fibre intake is the mainstream treatment of choice

d) Rectopexy has had good long term results

Malignant features of salivary gland tumors

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Q) What is not a clinical feature of malignant conversion of salivary gland tumor? 

a) Pain 

b) Facial nerve weakness

c) Swelling

d) Cervical lymph node swelling

Ans a

Clinical features of high-grade malignant salivary tumours include

1. facial nerve weakness

2. rapid enlargement of the swelling; 

3. induration and/or ulceration of the overlying skin;

4. cervical node enlargement.

Ref Bailey 27th page 783

Most of these tumors are painless

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