Papillary carcinoma thyroid

Q) 40 yr old lady 2X 2 Solitarty thyroid nodule left lobe. FNAC shows  classic type of papillary  carcinoma . Usg no neck nodes. Management? ( Questions on Surgical Onco - thyroid) 

A. Total thyroidectomy
B. Total thyroidectomy with Radio active Iodine
C. Total thyroidectomy with central compartment neck dissection
D. Hemithyroidectomy + follow up



Rectal Intussusception

Q) Pick the true statement about rectal intussusception

a) It is a rare finding in defecography

b) When found, it is found to be a common cause of refractory constipation

c) Biofeedback therapy and fibre intake is the mainstream treatment of choice

d) Rectopexy has had good long term results

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