Lung Tumors

Q) 50-year-old male with 1 x1 cm mass in the Peripheral part of the right lung was resected with clear margins. histopathology was suggestive of Adenocarcinoma and there was no lymph nodes positive what will be the further management
A. Observe
B. Adjuvant RT
C. Adjuvant CT
D. EGFR testing


Yttrium 90

Q ) Which of the following statement regarding yttrium 90 is incorrect: ( From Gen onco Surgery Q 21-40) 
a. Used for brachytherapy
b. Is a pure beta emitter with range of 1 cm
c. Most commonly used for treatment of ca prostate
d. Used in treatment of both primary and metastatic liver cancer through hepatic artery embolization

Answer: 21) C ref devita page 212.

Iodine 125 and pallidium 103 are commonly used for prostate.

All other choices are true

Management of various Hereditary Syndromes

Q) Total Proctocolectomy is required for which of the following ? ( MCH GI Surgery Question- Click here for all) 

a) Cowden


c) Gardner

d) PJS  

Snippet -- HNPCC- Lynch syndrome patients develop colorectal and extracolonic cancers at a young age. It accounts for approximately 3% of all CRCs, and 10% to 19% of CRCs diagnosed before age 50. Read on..........


Q) Not seen in cowden syndrome
B. Hamartoma
C. CA breast
D. Bowel malignancy

Malignancy risk in CS is significant outside the GI tract. Women have a 50% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer ...............

Read on ..............