Blueprint assay

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Q) Blueprint assay used in which cancer

a) Breast

b) Colon

c) lung

d) head and neck


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Q) Hands of ICU personnel are most commonly infected with 

 a) Staph epidermis


c) Mssa

d) Acineobacter

Fong Score

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Q.Not a Poor risk factor according to Fong score
a) Node +
 b) Disease free interval more than 1 yr
c) 2 Liver Mets

d) Single metastasis 6 cm

Ans b 

Fong score is for Survival after treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer to the liver. It includes 5 variables for which score is alloted to each point

Nodal status of primary

Disease-free interval from the primary to discovery of the liver metastases of <12 months

Number of tumors >1,

Preoperative CEA level >200 ng/ml, and

Size of the largest tumor >5 cm

Prognosis colon cancer

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Q) Out of the following Which is a good prognostic  factor for colorectal cancers
a )Rt side tumor
b) Left side tumor
c) Braf +
d) Kras +

Malignancy risk factors in IBD

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Q) WHich is not a  risk factor for malignancy in inflammatory bowel disease?

a) >50% crohn disease in colon

b) PSC

c) Old age of onset

d) use of Infliximab 

Radical neck dissections

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Q) In type I radical neck dissection what is spared
a) Xi th cranial nerve
b) Xi th nerve and IJV
c) Xith nerve , IJV and sternocleidomastoid
d) All are removed

Histopath of Caustic injuries

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Q. Which of the following is not a histologic feature  of acute phase in caustic injury of the esophagus?
a) Thrombosis
b)Liquefaction  Necrosis
c) Sloughing
d) Bacterial and lymphocyte infiltration

caustic esophagus injury

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Q) Caustic esophagus injury on endoscopy there is  Deep ulcer with black mucosa. Grade ?(# Aiims GI 2020) 
a) 2a
b) 2b
c) 3a
d) 4

HPV Vaccine

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Q) Not true about HPV vaccine (#AIIMS onco 2020 Jun) 

A. Can be useful even in already infected women
B. Can prevent Ca Cervix in unimmunized individuals
C. Bivalent and quadrivalent vaccine are available

d) Antibody response is lifelong

Branch duct IPMN

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Q Direct Indication for surgery in Branch duct IMPN is 

a) Hypoechoic mural nodule
b) Multiple cysts
c) BD IMPN  Size 3cm
d) Enhancing solid component

Steroid Refractory Ulcerative colitis

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Q) Not used in steroid refractory severe Ulcerative Colitis ( AIIMS 2020 Nov) 

a) Infliximab
b) Azathioprine
c) Cyclosporine
d) Surgery

Ans b- Azathioprine

Cyclosporine is  immunomodulator indicated for second-line therapy in the case of severe, steroid refractory ulcerative colitis. Treatment is usually initiated after 3 to 5 days of failed steroid response

Tacrolimus is appropriate as second-line therapy in patients with severely active ulcerative colitis unresponsive to steroids.

The use of various anti–tumor necrosis factor-α  (TNF-α) monoclonal antibodies ( infliximab)  is well supported in the case of
severe ulcerative colitis refractory to steroids.