Post gastrectomy syndrome

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Q)  False about post gastrectomy syndrome?
a) 30%incidence
b) Octreotide agonist prevent it's occurrence
c) Megaloblastic anemia due to partial gastrectomy
d) Calcium deficiency  in billroth 2

HPV and cancers

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Q) All are true about HPV induced cancers except

a) HPV 16 and 18 cause 70% of all cervical cancers

Crohn Disease Pathology

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Q) Which of the following is not characteristic of Crohn Disease  : * (From AIIMS 2020 November GI)  

a) Granular mucosa
b) Transmural involvement
c) Skip lesions
d) Giant cell granuloma

Ans a ) Granular Mucosa- This is a feature of ulcerative colitis ( Table 49-7 Sabiston 20) 

The typical gross appearance of ulcerative colitis is hyperemic mucosa. Friable and granular mucosa is common in more severe cases, and ulceration may not be readily evident. ( Saby 1340) 

IN Crohn disease - Microscopically, there are focal areas of chronic inflammation involving all layers of the intestinal wall with lymphoid
aggregates. Non-caseating giant cell granulomas are found in 60% of patients and when present clearly allow a confident diagnosis of CD.

( Bailey 1242) 


Types of Infections

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Q) Rate of infection in clean contaminated wound without antibody prophylaxis is
a) 3%
b) 8%
C) 12%
D) 15%

Ans b 8%

Ref Table 5.4 

Bailey page 53

Carcinoid Syndrome

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Q) Carcinoid syndrome wrong statement is?
a) 40 % Right  heart dysfunction in carcinoid syndrome


Petrosphenoidal syndrome

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Q) In Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Petrosphenoidal syndrome involves which cranial nerves ( Aiims onco 2020) ?

a) VII- X

b) I-III

Genes and Cancers

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In This post I will be adding most commonly associated genetic abnormalities and changes

MEN2 syndrome is caused by gain of function mutations in the RET  gene.

Li-Fraumeni syndrome is associated with mutation of P53.

Mutations in p16 is associated with melanomas, pancreas, esophagus, head and neck, stomach, breast, and colon.

BRCA1 is associated with breast and ovarian carcinoma. 

Blood supply of bile duct

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Q)Blood supply of biliary tract? Which is false

a) 2% blood supply is  nonaxial
b) Downward 38% from RHA
c) GB venous drainage directly to Portal vein
d) Main artery supply to retro pancreatic CBD is retroduodenal artery

Alveolar Hydatid disease

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Q45)  All are true for alveolar hydatid disease except?

1) Caused by E. Multilocularis

2) Common in liver