Acute diverticulitis

Q) False regarding the management of Acute Diverticulitis, Sigmoid colon inflammation and Fat stranding in CT 

a) Outpatient treatment in most cases

b) Do a colonoscopy after the resolution of acute symptoms

c) Elective Colectomy to be done

d) IV antibiotics to be started`

Answer Free  c

Sigmoid diverticulitis can be complicated and uncomplicated

Complicated means diverticulum associated with abscess, perforation, obstruction, fistula 

This question is about an uncomplicated acute diverticulitis 

 It can be managed in outpatient setting

It requires IV antibiotics and diet modification

After resolution of symptoms, colonoscopy is to be done after 6 weeks to rule out the presence of other diverticula and neoplasm

Colectomy is not required in all cases. Current recommendations suggest that the decision for surgery should be individualized, taking into consideration the frequency and severity of recurrences. The patient’s overall medical condition and comorbidities should also be included in the analysis

Ref Sabiston page 1332

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