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Some of the questions  from AIIMS 2018 November GI Surgery exam and choices may not be exact but you have an idea what to read


Q 1. In colon transposition after esophageal resection which of the following is false?

a) It has a more robust blood supply

b) Chances of anastomotic leak are more

c) Ischemia at tip

d) Becomes redundant in long run

Q2. Trans hiatal esophagectomy as compared to trans thoracic anastomosis-
A more pulmonary complications
B Less  anastomotic leak
C ) Two field resection possible in THE

d) More pain

Q3. In esophagus perforation

A) barium esophagogram is preferred to gastrograffin
B) Gastrograffin preferred to barium study



Q 4. Which of the following is  is true regarding lower esophagus and ge junction tumors?
A)her 2 positivity seen in less than  10%
B)trastazumab improves survival
C)trastazumab not used due to cardiac toxicity

Q5. Next step after detecting Achalasia cardia

A) Endoscopy for workup of malignancy
B) Poem
C) Laparascopic cardiomyotomy


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