AIIMS 2019

GI Surgery AIIMS 2019 MCQs

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Q) Most common  congenital anomaly associated with biliary atresia?

a) Polysplenia
b) Teratology of falot
c) Malrotation

d) preduodenal portal vein

Ans - Polysplenia 95%, Preduodenal portal vein 40%, TOF  - 40% MAlrotation  60%

Radiology images that I can recall-
1. Hcc/ihcc segment 5,6,7 with satellite nodules
2. Infected pseudocyst pancreas biliary etiology
3. Ca GB infiltrating Into liver- next line of mgt
4. Cystic lesion lt liver lobe?hydatid? Bcac? Ipmn, multiple hydatosis
5. CT of tense mucin filled abdomen

Q) Pouchitis disease activity index inludes all except-

a) . Fever
b)  Malaise
c)  Fecal urgency
d)  Bleeding pr

Ans - Malaise

Q) Creeping resection is done for?

a) IPMN,




Q) Percentage Reversal of vit k deficiency after 24 hrs of 1mg vit k

a) 30%,

b) 50%


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