AIIMS 2021 GI Questions – April

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Q1 Number  of nodes to be retrieved  minimum for Carcinoma GAll Bladder?

1) 5

2) 6

3) 8

4) 7

Ans is b) 6

Q2 All are seen more in handsewn anastomoses vs stapled anastomoses  in  IPAA except?

1) Stricture

2) Dehiscence

3) Obstruction

4) Pouchitis

Ans d

The anorectal cuff created after mucosectomy can be a source of perianastomotic abscess.

Comparison of handsewn versus stapled IPAA demonstrated that handsewn IPAA is associated with higher rates of  anastomotic disruptions, peripouch abscess, pouch removal, postoperative anastomotic stricture, and small bowel obstruction.

Ref shackelford 1928

Q 3 Which of the following is not a component of Borchardt's triad

1) Inability to pass RT

2) Retching , inability to vomit

3) Epigastric distention

4) Chest pain

Ans d Chest pain is not there

The classic symptoms for a gastric volvulus include abdominal pain and distension, retching with the inability to vomit, and inability to pass a
nasogastric tube.  These findings make up Borchardt triad


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