AIIMS GI Nov 19 Questions 21-40

November AIIMS 2019 Recall  Questions 21-40

AIIMS NOV 19 Q 1-20

Q21) Acid ingestion pathophysiology  true is.

Liquefactive necrosis

B) Taken in large amount

C) common in children

D)  cause pyloric stenosis


Q22 ) Which finding best describes post hepatectomy liver failure
A) INR and Billi raises on or after day 5
B) Refractory INR even after FFP
C) Hyperbilirubinemia
D) Hepatic encephalopathy

Q23) What is not true about  extra levator Abdomino Perineal Resection (APR) 

a) Anal canal dissected from levator

b) Patient  in prone jack knife position

c) Specimen is resected en block with sacrum

d) Entire levator is resected along with mesorectum