AIIMS Onco 2021 – April

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Q) Stage 2 lung ca with  positive lymph node underwent sleeve resection. What to be done post op?
a) Prophylactic cranial irradiation
b) Chemotherapy (platin based)
c) Surveillance

d) Chemo RT

Ans B Chemo

Early stage Cancer (No) - Upfront surgery

Stage I or II or T3No  treatment is surgery Plus chemo

Stage IIIa Chemo RT + minus Surgery

Ref Anderson 333

Q) Post menopausal CA endometrium Risk factors all except
a) Smoking
b) Obesity
c) Lynch syndrome
d) Chronic an ovulation

Lynch syndrome cancers, including endometrial, colorectal, and ovarian cancer.

Other risk factors for endometrial cancer include obesity, nulliparity, early menarche, late menopause, unopposed estrogen therapy, and chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension

Ref Anderson page 881


Q3.) Soft tissue sarcoma  with  early lymph node metastasis is 

a) Pleomorphic sarcoma
b) MFH
c) Angio sarcoma

d) all

Ans c)

In Sarcoma lymph node metastasis is rare in (<5%), except in a few histologic subtypes such as
1. epithelioid sarcoma

2. rhabdomyosarcoma

3. clear-cell sarcoma,

5.Undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (UPS).

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