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Drugs in Onco

Q) Vemurafinib Mechanism of Action 

Ans - BRAF inhibitor used in melanoma

Q) Vandetanib used in which thyroid malignancy

a) Papillary

b) follicular

c) Anaplasic

d) Medullary

Ans d Medullary

The multikinase inhibitors vandetanib and cabozantinib, each of which have inhibitory activity against RET, are FDA approved for use in patients withadvanced, inoperable medullary thyroid cancer, irrespective of RET mutational status based on clinical trails

Vandetanib  & cabozantinib are two multitargeted kinase inhibitors with potency against RET, both of which have demonstrated sufficient clinical efficacy in RET fusion–positive NSCLC patients to be listed in the NCCN guidelines as appropriate therapies for lung cancer patients with RET rearrangements

Gen onco

Q) Not a feature of malignancy in a lymph node on ultrasound

a) Increases blood supply

b) Replacement of fatty hilum

c) Capsular breach

d) Calcification

Q) Blueprint assay used in which cancer

a) Breast

b) Colon

c) lung

d) head and neck

Q) Smoking cessation- Not a  first line drug option ?

a) Clonidine

b) Nicotine replacement

c) Varenicline

d)  Bupropion

Ans A) clonidine

NRT ,  varenicline (Chantix), and bupropion (Zyban) are the three principal firstline pharmacotherapies recommended for use either alone or in combination 

Clonidine and nortriptyline—as second-line pharmacotherapies for tobacco dependence typically used when a smoker cannot use first-line medications due to either contraindications or lack of effectiveness.

Ref Devita

Q) Carotid body chemoreceptors are sensitive to

a) PH

b) Oxygen

Genes and Cancer

Q) CDH 1 gene is associated with which cancer

a) Breast

b) Colon

c) Prostate

d) Renal

ANs a CDH 1 is with gastric and lobular breast cancer

Germline mutation in the CDH1 gene encoding E-cadherin was shown to be associated with hereditary diffuse gastric cancer. Prophylactic total gastrectomy should be considered in patients with these mutations

Renal mainly associated with VHL

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Q) All are true about pulmonary carcinoid except?

a) Atypical carcinoid is more common

b) Surgery is done with curative intent

c) Atypical carcinoids are peripheral

d) Typical carcinoids have lymph node metastasis and require lymphadenectomy

 Gen Surgery

Q) Hands of ICU personnel are most commonly infected with 

 a) staph epidermis


c) Mssa

d) Acineobacter

Ans d

Most Acinetobacter isolatesrecovered from hospitalized patients represented colonization rather than infection, especially in the ICU setting, being particularly common with endotracheal intubation, multiple IV catheters, monitoring devices, surgical drains, urinary catheters, or
prior antimicrobial therapy.

Q. Most common organism causing necrotising fascitis

a) Beta hemolytic streptococcus

b) Staph Aureus

c) E coli

d) Proteus