AIIMS Entrance Exam Question Papers

Questions from AIIMS PG entrance exams

Q1. The most common factor on which prognosis of Carcinoma esophagus depends on

a) T stage

b) Age of presentation

c) Length of segment involved

d) Type of tumor

Q2. Screening programme is not useful in

a) Carcinoma colon

b) Carcinoma breast

c) Carcinoma prostate

d) Testicular tumor

Q3. Most common artery involved in Mallory Weiss tear

a) Inferior phrenic a.

b) Left Gastric artery

c) Right gastric artery

d) Short gastric artery

Q4. Peptic ulcer diseases is associated with all except

a) Zollinger Ellison Syndrome

b) Primary hyperthyroidism

c) Cirrhosis

d) Pernicious anemia

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