Aortic rupture

Q) Most common site for traumatic aortic rupture is 

a) Distal to the origin of left subclavian artery

b) Point of entry of aorta above the diaphragm

c) Root of aorta

d) Point distal to Left carotid artery


a) Distal to origin of subclavian artery

Traumatic aortic rupture leads to sudden death after high impact automobile accident or fall from height. Aorta is relatively fixed distal to ligament arteriosum just distal to the origin of subclavian artery and this is the most common site of traumatic rupture especially partial rupture in which adventitia is intact.

Specific clinical findings are 

  1. Asymmetry of BP in upper limbs or upper and lower limbs
  2. Widened pulse pressure
  3. Chest wall contusions

Bailey page 355

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