Q) THE vs TTE which is not true? ( Question asked in all AIIMS and INI exams since 2017) 

a) Leak rates are more with TTE 

b) Pulmonary complication is more with TTE

c) Side to side stapler anastomosis has less leaks than open two layer suturing

d) THE can be done through minimally invasive surgery

Ans c

Pulmonary complications 57% with TTE 27% with  THE  ( SKF 409)

Anastomotic leak 16% TTE and 14% THE ( not significant) subclinical leak slightly more in THE

Option D is correct

Cardiac complications, Vocal cord paralysis , wound infection, chyle leak are all more with TTE

Blackmon et al. published a propensity-matched analysis comparing outcomes between side-to-side stapled anastomosis, end-to-end circular stapled anastomosis, and handsewn,
with no significant difference in leak rate noted.  ( SKF page 475)

SKF page 409

Hereditary pancreatic cancers

Hereditary pancreatic cancers questions is asked many times in NEET SS and GI and onco Surgery CET 

Please understand the difference between x% lifetime risk of pancreatic cancer and x fold increase in risk as compared to normal population

  1. PRSS & SPINK 1 - Familial pancreatitis 40% lifetime increase . 50 fold increase as compared to Normal
  2. STK 11 - Peutz Jeghers - 100 fold increase in Pancreatic cancer . Also associated with lung, ovarian, breast, uterine, and testicular cancers
  3.  CFTR - cystic fibrosis - 30 fold increase
  4. Familial atypical mole and multiple melanoma syndrome (CDKN2A gene mutation). CDKN2A - 20 fold increase
  5.  BRCA 2 - 10 fold increase
  6. Lynch Syndrome  ( MLH) ( MSH) - 8 fold increase
  7. FAP APC gene - 4 fold
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