Endocrine cells of Pancreas

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Q  Which is wrongly matched ( Free Questions) (#AIIMS 2021 GI Recall

a) Alpha cell - pancreatic poly peptide

b) Beta cell - insulin

c) Epsilon cell - ghrelin

d) Delta cell -  somatostatin

Ans a, ALpha cells

Alpha cells secrete glucagon

Pancreatic polypeptide is from F cells which form 15% of islet mass and are seen in Head and Uncinate process of Pancreas

Also alpha cells are the first cells to develop in the lineage

REf Sabiston 21st edition page 943


Cytokine from T lymphocyte

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Q) Which cytokine involved in wound healing  is released from T lymphocyte only? ( # Wound healing) 

a) TNF alpha

b) IL 1

c) IL 2 

d) Il 6


Thymic Carcinoma

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Q) SVC syndrome with Thymic Carcinoma stage ( WHOB3) WHat will be the management? (#Lung Onco)

A)Chemo radiotherapy followed by surgery

b) Definitive chemoradiotherapy

c) Chemotherapy followed by surgery and radiotherapy

d) Surgery Alone