General Surgery Body response to injury

General Surgery Questions: Body Response to Injury

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Q1. Counter regulatory hormones in response to metabolic response to injury are all except
A. Glucocorticoids
B. Catecholamines
C. Thyroid hormones
D. Glucagon

Ans 1.  C Thyroid hormones

Stress or Injury produces the following hormones CRF, ACTH, cortisol which further produces adrenaline and glucagon

Thyroid hormones have no relation to stress

Ref BAiley page 3

Q2. Direct effects of GH in metabolic response to injury are all except:-
A. Lipolytic
B. Insulin agonist
C. Insulin antagonist
D. Proinflammatory

Ans 2.b

 Insulin agonist GH has direct lipolytic, insulin-antagonising and proinflammatory properties

 Stress also causes the following ;

Alterations in insulin release and sensitivity (Hyperglycemic state)

Hypersecretion of prolactin and growth hormone (GH)

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