Surgery Books for Undergraduates

Books to read in Surgery residency

In clinical practice, it is imperative that you have  a strong base. Choosing the correct surgery books to read at undergraduate and post graduate levels helps a lot in shaping your surgery carrier.

Correct decisions at this time can be the making or breaking of you. Availability of endless amount of surgery text books is confusing and at this point of time, you should know what is the best way forward and which books to read.


I am listing here some of the best surgery books, you will require in your undergraduate time in the medical school.

Bailey and Love

It is an essential  book to be  followed  from undergraduate level and to the  post graduation. The book has evolved beautifully from the earlier editions and is a nice read. The content is great , easy to understand and tables and diagrams are self explanatory. In the latest edition, summary boxes have been nicely placed which are essential for MCQs.

There are many new chapters in the 28th edition and many of the controversies of the previous years have been put to rest.

It gives snippets of great and famous surgeons at the bottom which itself is a great read. 

This book has a worldwide following and every time you read it, you feel you gain something new.

How to read and use this book

- Give special emphasis to tables and photographs. In the latest editions much importance has been given to the tables, boxes etc.
Begin with casual reading. Use it as an introductory manuscript. Give your first reading of the chapters and do not worry if it looks difficult at this time.

- General Surgery topics like inflammation, infection , wound healing, sutures are commonly asked in all exams . Important MCQs from bailey are covered here.

-Its better that you don't try to memorize everything that’s given in it. Just get a basic idea about the etiology, pathogeneses , work up and management.

- Give all the topics 2-3 reads and back it up with your clinical experience.

2. NMS Surgery

Its a very good book in question and answers format.  This book's questions are very hard, but the explanations are thorough and useful. The book has been published recently  this year and the sources cited are fairly current. It gives very detailed and precise answers and help you understand the topic well.

this fully revised 21st Edition continues to provide the key information, essential teaching pearls, and completely updated content needed to make the most informed surgical decisions and achieve optimal outcomes for patients

3. Hamilton Bailey Clinical Signs

This book teaches you how and where to start in an investigating type of way. It also highlights  Hamilton Bailey's original message regarding the importance of physical signs in clinical surgery.

The book is easy to understand and a must for your surgery clinical posting.

4. Sabiston text book of Surgery - Post graduates

The new edition of Sabiston is concise and precise. It  provides key  information, essential teaching pearls, and completely updated content to help you grasp and enjoy the subject. Chapters in General surgery, GI Surgery and Cardiac surgery are detailed and some times over whelming for undergrdauates.

The book is a must for post graduates and for those preparing for superspeciality exams.

Mastery of Surgery 

Mastery of surgery has always been a favorite amongst undergraduates although for selective topics. Buy it in late 2nd or 3rd year  and use it for selective topics. The content is easy to understand and will help in OT postings


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