Surgery Books to read in medical school/college

Surgery Book in Medical School

Beginning from the undergraduate level, it is imperative that you have  a strong base. The diagnosis and management in most of the surgery cases is simple, straight forward and you basically learn from practice and experience. I am listing here some of the best surgery books, you will require in your undergraduate time in the medical school.

1st in the list will obviously be the "bible", the must have Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery  It is an ideal book to follow from undergraduate level and to continue during post graduation. The book has evolved beautifully from the earlier editions and is a nice read.The content is great , easy to understand and tables and diagrams are self explanatory.

It gives snippets of great and famous surgeons at the bottom which itself is a great read. 

This book has a worldwide following and every time you read it, you feel you gain something new.

No. 2 on my list is

NMS Surgery (National Medical Series for Independent Study)

Not many people are aware about this book and the last edition was in 2015 but if you are looking for a surgery text book that is easy on the eyes and mind, this is the one. It covers a lot of information in a concise manner. The topics are covered in a point wise manner and this is what you will need in your final examination. You understand the subject well and it gives clinical oriented problems and solves them beautifully.

Its a Must have  book for MS, MD, MCh aspirants. Covers topic way beyond conventional theory text books.

My next choice is again a book which is not very commonly known at  surgery undergraduate level but I found it quite useful


Absite review of surgery - Its a very good book in question and answers format.  This book's questions are very hard, but the explanations are thorough and useful. The book has been published recently  this year and the sources cited are fairly current. It gives very detailed and precise answers and help you understand the topic well.

Clinical Surgery Books

There are two clinical surgery books which are to be used by edical students

  1. S Das is undoubtably the oldest and most used text book for clinical learning. Since its first publication it has been regarded as the preeminent source for definitive guidance in all areas of clinical surgery. The latest edition continues the rich tradition of quality and effective teachings.  Detailed, full-color clinical illustrations allow you to better understand the clinical work up, diagnosis  and help in  decision making for all patients
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