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Q 11. Most common site of metastases in carcinoma breast
A. Bone
B. Lung
C. Liver
D. Brain

Q12.  False in BRCA1 tumor
A. Hormone receptor positive
B. Poor differentiated
C. Chromosome 17
D. Early age onset

Q13. True about breast cancer is?

a) Doubling time of breast tumor is 1 month

b) Skip metastasis in level iii lymph nodes is common

c) Lungs are commonly involved by direct invasion

d) Dimpling of skin is due to shortening of cooper's ligaments

A 11 a


Through blood stream ca breast goes to the skeletal system. Initially it may spread through lymphatics. Lumbar vertebrae is the most common site followed by femur, thoracic vertebrae, ribs and skull

Ref BAiley page 810

A12) BRCA 1 breast tumors have poor prognosis as compared to BRCA 2. They are high grade,


Doubling time is from 3 months to 12 months

Skip metastasis to level ii and iii lymph nodes is seen in 2% only. Axillary lymph nodes have orderly spread from level i to ii

Lungs are involved by blood stream spread

Shortening due to fibrosis of cooper's ligaments lead to dimpling