MRCS Breast MCQs 11-20

Q11) Simple nipple inversion is seen in

a) Duct ectasia

b) Puberty

c) Peri ductal fibrosis

d) Carcinoma breast


Q12) Creamy breast discharge is seen in

a) Duct Ectasia

b) Duct papilloma

c) Ca breast

d) Mondor disease

2) a

Duct ectasia is dilatation of the breast ducts with peri ductal inflammation. It leads to fibrosis and even nipple retraction. In duct ectasia discharge can be black, green , serous, creamy even blood stained.

Duct papilloma will have blood stained discharge as will ca breast

Mondor disease is  thrombophlebitis of superficial veins of breast, anterior chest wall or arm